Dogs in Action Winner Selected


Help us celebrate man’s best friend!

Congratulations to Three and his owner, Zach, the winner of the 2013 Dogs in Action contest.


Zach receives a prize package that includes Danner hunting boots, a sportDOG SD-425 remote trainer, and a hunting dog accessories package from Mud River!

The 2013 Dogs in Action contest had our best participation yet. Please click the link below to see all the submissions, and visit the Scheels Facebook page to see the five selected finalists.

Congratulations to our second finisher Bryan (below, left) and third-place winner Jeff and his dog, Jet (below, right).

DIA_Bryan_secondTo see all photos shared on the waterfowl brag board, click HERE.

To see all photos shared on the upland brag board, click HERE.




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    • Hi Tanya.

      Can you explain more on where you are having problems adding a photo? If you create an account and are logged in, there should be a dialogue box that appears under the Waterfowl or Upland brag boards for you to upload a photo. The photo must be a .jpeg format and cannot exceed 10MB. Let us know if you continue to have problems. – Thank you.

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