Basketball Shot Trainers: Types & How to Choose

Basketball Shot Trainer Types & How to Choose

We think that none of you need a lot of explaining and proving the importance of combining basketball and gym training. However, it often happens that we do not have the ability or desire to go to the gym for one reason or another. You can do outdoor workouts in summer and autumn, but this option disappears in winter and early spring,.

At such moments, basketball shot trainers come to our aid, which (with the right selection) can easily fit even in a small room. In this article, we will look at 3 of the most popular simulators (Scheel’s basketball hoops, IC3 basketball shot trainer, etc.) that will allow you to use all your muscles to the maximum and will not occupy 2/3 of your apartment. Let’s begin.

A wall-mounted horizontal bar is a great option for beginners

The horizontal bar is one of the most interesting and simple simulators. First, the pull-up is one of the basic exercises that can be used to strengthen the muscles in the arms, chest, and back. By adjusting the width of the grip and the speed of the pull-ups, you can load different muscle groups. For a basketball player, a horizontal bar is an excellent option to stabilize the throw. Of course, after the first few days of training, your hit percentage may drop sharply, but after 14-21 days you will clearly feel the “stabilization” of the shot. The hand will stop “walking” during difficult throws, minimal contact with the throwing hand will not interfere so much with the throw, and it will be much more difficult to knock the ball out of you on a double step. In general, the horizontal bar is cool. If you start with something, then start with it.

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Versatile strength bench – a new level of load

A horizontal bar is a fairly simple device, albeit an effective one. Sooner or later, you will no longer have enough body weight to get enough load (we are talking about a one-time effort, not long-term endurance work). And this is where the universal strength bench comes to the rescue. Various exercises for the lower and upper press, hyperextension, bench press on a horizontal and inclined surface, work with dumbbells – you can endlessly list the exercises that can be performed on this simulator.

Swedish wall + TRX-hinges

TRX loops (designed by a US Marine instructor) are an essential part of NBA basketball training. This is a very cool tool that allows you to load your muscles at a new angle, thereby working out the fibers that are very difficult to use in regular, classic training. The loops allow you to perform more than a hundred functional exercises for the development of strength indicators, as well as improve flexibility, endurance and balance train. By changing the length of the lines and the position of the body, you can easily adjust the level of a load from 5 to 100% of your body weight.

What you definitely don’t need

In our opinion, these are treadmills and steppers. You’d better lift your butt off the couch or chair and run through the park, stadium, or just around your neighborhood. Fresh air and constant change of scenery while running is much better than a monotonous picture in front of your eyes, even if you run in front of the TV. In addition, these basketball trainers are expensive and take up decent space.

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Summarizing this article, we would like to once again draw your attention to the fact that strength exercises are necessary for a basketball player. Working with extra weight, you gain speed, endurance, balance. And if you are still embarrassed to go to the gym, then 3 simple tools for replacing it are described above.

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