7 Tips For Selecting The Right Jean

7 Tips For Selecting The Right JeanWhat should be a part of a basic jean style wardrobe? You can talk a lot about it, but it is not so easy to find the right jeans. Let’s think about what the perfect jeans should be.

First, they should fit tightly and visually make the legs slimmer. Second, match most of your wardrobe items. And thirdly, to serve for a long time. Today we will try to figure out how, among the variety of jeans presented, how to choose the right one.

Tip#1: Decide on your goals

The main mistake women made before buying is the lack of preliminary preparation. Shopping may be compared with sports. Without analyzing the clothes that are already in the closet, you won’t be able to find the perfect jeans.

Think about where you plan to wear your new jeans: for a walk, a party, or perhaps to the office. The style of future jeans will depend on this. It is more convenient to walk in bulky boyfriends; the straigt model will best fit into the working dress code. Well, if you are an avid party girl, then the skinny model will be the best option.

Tip#2: Remember the features of denim

It would seem that it could be unusual because it is so easy to choose jeans. Denim garments are made from materials of different thicknesses, with the addition of synthetic fibers, which give a stretch-effect or without. This must be taken into account.

Thicker models will fit tightly for about a year. These jeans tend to stretch slightly over time. Most of the models with tapered legs just remain in their original size.

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The way out of the situation is simple. First, be sure to go for a fitting. Then pull the fabric across the width of the jeans: if they stretch, buy a size-to-size model. If the fabric doesn’t stretch, you can buy half a size smaller (when it’s a little hard to button up, but still comfortable).

Tip#3: Some more about the size

Never buy yourself things, guided by the phrase “then I will lose weight” or “then I will buy the top and I will wear it.” There will be no “later”, there is only here and now. Your body and its size, your current wardrobe and your life, which either a new thing will fit in or not. Try to buy only those things that will be set well.

Tip#4: Trends are important

Our goal is to find universal jeans. The ones that are perfect for you and that you will want to wear over and over again. But still, do not forget that trends change from season to season and even classic things undergo some changes. For example, this season, jeans with wide, flared trousers can be called the most fashionable.

Tip#5: Always try on jeans with shoes

Few people like to change clothes in fitting rooms. Still, shoes play a big role in the perception of their image. Therefore, in order not to spoil the first impression and to better understand how the model sits, put on your shoes right away.

If you are planning to choose jeans and wear them with something special, for example, with heels and to parties, then feel free to take them with you to the store. Better to try on it 7 times than to issue a refund later.

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Tip#6: Make a choice in favor of online stores

Many online stores give you the opportunity to choose jeans with fitting without leaving your home. A great way to evaluate yourself in a relaxed atmosphere and without unnecessary nerves.

Tip#7: Found the perfect model? Don’t forget the brand

It is not unusual to have a list of items that fit you perfectly. And if possible, you can immediately buy several ideal models for the season and alternate them. By the way, the trick with buying the same but perfect clothes is popular with successful people, for example, Steve Jobs loved this approach.

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