Several Ways To Wear A Scarf

Several Ways To Wear A ScarfAccessories attach individuality to the look. With their help, the same coat or jacket will look different every day. In the off-season and winter, a scarf is the main accessory of every fashionable look. Now it not only protects from cold and wind, but also demonstrates taste and sense of style.

What scarves are in fashion?

Collections of fashionable scarves, both for women and men, are very diverse. Let’s figure out how we will wear and tie a scarf in the fall and winter 2019/2020. Today, it is fashionable to get such scarves:

  • classic model – a long and wide knitted or knitted strip, with or without fringe at the edges. Fringe can be replaced with pom-poms, it looks stylish and cheerful;
  • bulky knitted scarves, chunky knit and thick yarn;
  • narrow long scarves;
  • models with Scandinavian ornaments: stylized images of deer, snowflakes, etc .;
  • snoods – scarves knitted in a circle;
  • scarves with prints: for men’s accessories, the most common pattern is stripes and a cage, for women – floral, animalistic, abstract motifs;
  • colorful scarves: they are knitted by intertwining threads of different colors;
  • collar scarves, shirt-fronts: models that cover the neck, shoulders and chest.

Materials such as silk, cotton, wool, acrylic, cashmere, artificial or natural fur are used to create scarves.

How to knot a scarf?

It is an art to wearing a scarf. Let’s see how and what stylists recommend combining them.

Scarves are fit for a coat, jacket, raincoat, down jacket, fur coat – in a word, with any outerwear.

Bulky scarves look great with coats of different styles of mini or midi length.

Models with winter pattern effects are ideally combined with warm outerwear – down jackets and fur coats.

Snoods, like classic scarves, are suitable for almost every outwear. Snood can be worn around the neck or on the head like a hood. The hair styling will not be affected in this case. This is the main advantage of snood over hats. Scarves are worn over a jacket or coat, and also hidden under outerwear.

How to tie a scarf with a coat without a collar or with a round collar, a scarf looks beautiful and stylish when worn over clothes. It replaces the collar and draws attention to the face. Therefore, choose the colors that best suit your color type. Relevant models are classics, knitted bulk, snoods, fur scarves.

When wearing a coat or trench with a turn-down collar, choose a long and wide scarf. If you are creating an image in a business or classic style, then the ends of the scarf can be placed under the clothes, and for casual looks it is better to leave it hanging free.

A long narrow scarf worn with a coat or jacket with an English collar looks original and bohemian.

How to tie a scarf if you are a woman?

Let’s consider different options:

  • the scarf can simply be wrapped around the neck. In this case, the ends can be left hanging freely or removed under clothing. Loose ends are best worn with a coat or other open-top outerwear;
  • tie a scarf with pom-poms around the collar or hood;
  • wrap the accessory around your neck several times and hide the ends in the folds of the resulting volume “clamp”;
  • tie a simple knot: low so that the neck remains open, or, conversely, high so that the fabric fits snugly around the throat. It is not necessary to place the knot exactly in the middle. Slide it to the side, it looks fashionably casual and natural;
  • throw one end of the scarf over your shoulder, leave the other hanging on your chest;
  • snood can be worn around the neck, making one turn or several, if the size of the scarf-tube allows. If you make two turns, then one of them can fit tightly around the neck, and the second can lie on the chest, like a knitted necklace;
  • a wide and long part can be wrapped around the shoulders, the ends can be tied or left to hang freely;
  • just put a fur scarf on your shoulders, imitating a fur collar;
  • tie a belcher, a headscarf on a flirty bow or wear instead of a choker, tightly wrapped around the neck;
  • a long narrow scarf can be simply thrown around the neck, or wrapped around the neck, or the ends can be tied.

Keep in mind: the brighter and more spectacular the accessory, the more laconic in cut and more restrained in color the rest of the clothes should be. For example, a dark straight knee-length coat, skinny jeans or straight trousers, ankle boots with heels and a burgundy wide and long scarf wrapped around the neck several times.

For clothes made of bright or printed materials, monochromatic accessories of restrained colors are suitable. Example: a leopard print trench coat and a black scarf.

How to tie a scarf for a man?

A scarf, like no other accessory, gives a man a stylish look.

How to tie a men’s scarf on a coat? Wrap a long and wide accessory around your neck, leaving the ends hanging on your chest, hiding under your clothes or throwing one of them behind your back, like Ostap Bender’s or tie a simple knot on your scarf.

The ends of the scarf can be asymmetrical in height. Such a technique will perfectly fit into a bohemian, relaxed style, complementing ripped jeans and grunge jackets.

For a business dress code, choose accessories in discreet shades. Let it be a high quality silk, wool or cashmere scarf. Do not choose a model that is too long and wide. Opt for a mid-length piece and simply lay the ends of the scarf one on top of the other.

A stylish way to tie a fashion accessory: fold the long scarf in half, put it around your neck so that the ends hang down on your chest. Pass the free ends into the part that formed the loop. This makes an elegant knot.

Advanced way: Thread one end of the scarf through the loop. Pull the other end into the loop from the opposite side. Spread the knot and see how beautifully the scarf fits around the neck and chest.

These methods of tying a scarf can be used by women. If you wear an accessory with a down jacket, then put it under the jacket or tie it in a knot, bringing the canvas under the hood or high collar.

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