Black Friday Survival Guide

black fridayAccording to forecasts, the most anticipated and largest discounts will be on Apple products (iPhone, iPad and Air Pods), Samsung phones and Play Station and Xbox. Look for the best promotions on these products at Amazon and Walmart. It is worth noting that promotions for popular products of past years will be significantly larger than for new collections and the latest electronic gadgets. Prices for them have already dropped, imagine what the benefit will be now! If you’re a shopper who doesn’t care about the latest iPhone model, you can easily budget lower for more purchases. Of course, the shopping list is an individual thing, we advise you to create your own waiting list.

6 life hacks how to be ready for Black Friday

№1: Create an account in advance on the website of the selected online store. This will save you time on US sale day. When there is a lot of excitement around the most profitable offers with a limited quantity of goods, the last thing you want to spend precious minutes on is registering on a foreign website.

№2: Subscribe to your favorite sites, turn on notifications. Many stores send a list of the best deals to their customers in advance so they can be the first to access them. You will also receive mailings with announcements and advertising of planned discounts, this will allow you to determine in advance the desired goods. Subscribe in social networks to the selected sites.

№3: Set a budget ahead of time, stay focused and don’t be impulsive. Going to an American online sale is like a child in the middle of a huge candy store or going hungry at the grocery store. Eyes run up, I want to buy everything at once. Therefore, we recommend that you decide in advance on what you really need, study all the offers, read reviews, navigate the price of the product, its characteristics and not be distroyed by unnecessary things.

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№4: Bookmark your options. This will allow you to act quickly and clearly after the start of the sale and not go crazy with piled stocks. You will limit yourself to only the necessary things, you will not waste time researching the seller and the product, and you will not waste your budget on random purchases. Plus, do not miss what you found in a panic and you do not have to remember the entire search history.

№5: Buy within the first hours. The best deals are sold very quickly on this day. By purchasing an item in the first hours of the sale, you guarantee yourself the best price, size, color and model you need. Be guided by the instructions that you receive in the e-mail newsletter, you will be informed about the start of Black Friday.

№6: Use the service to deliver your purchases. We will deliver your parcels even from those stores that do not send orders directly to your country. The shipment will take only 7-14 days and the price will be much lower than the one offered by the site. If you are worried that overloaded sellers these days will confuse something with your order, we will check all your purchases in our warehouse in the USA.

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