Do I Have Erectile Dysfunction?

The problem arises as a result of deterioration of either physical health or mental. Men over 40 years of age have a high risk of developing erectile dysfunction, including those who take a large number of different medications. But here it should be noted that starting at about 50 years old, an erection naturally gradually decreases,…

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Buying Cialis Online: What’s the Risk?

Problems with sex arise not only among married couplesю They are also subject to young people, and single age men. Funds for potency, regardless of the causes of erection problems, make it possible in most cases to resolve the issue of improving intimate relationships quickly and unequivocally. This is another reason why Cialis is worth…

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Regular Pharmacy vs Online Drugstore: Cialis Price Comparison

Cialis is a potent drug for treating erectile dysfunction and unstable erection. The active component of the drug is tadalafil (it provides a powerful 36-hour effect). However, the cost of the original drug is quite high (you will have to pay $11 – $25 per pill, depending on the dosage). Not every man can afford…

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Prescription on Cialis

Cialis (tadalafil) is a drug that is sold under prescription because uncontrolled intake of this medication can cause adverse side effects. Why do you need a prescription for Cialis? In prescribed dosages, tadalafil does not cause negative reactions on the human body. Like any medicine, this substance has side effects, but there are not so…

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Brand Cialis vs Generic Cialis

Today, many people are arguing about what is better: brand-name Cialis or Tadalafil (generic). Tadalafil is becoming more and more popular. But why? It’s simple: this medication is the equivalent of the original medicine. In this article, we will review the features of the drug, its effect and decide what is better: original or generic Cialis….

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Cialis and Alcohol

The drug for potency – Cialis has established itself as an effective and mild drug to fight erectile dysfunction in patients belonging to different age groups. And, regardless of age, many men are concerned about the question of whether Cialis can be taken with alcohol. The interaction of Cialis with alcohol As for the general…

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