Diversity of Boots Styles For Men

Diversity of Boots Styles For MenShoes are a part of a man’s look, which is primarily paid attention to when meeting. A man is greeted by a watch, shoes and a tie (if there is one, of course). What kind of men’s shoes do we know? How to wear it?

Laced shoes

Classic men’s shoes are divided into 2 categories – lace-up or slip-on. Lace-up shoes are traditionally the most formal type of shoes.

Oxford shoes

Closed lace shoes are shoes in which the lacing is sewn into the front of the shoe. Sold in smooth leather, suede or patent leather. Strict style shoes, combined with a classic suit, tuxedo and tailcoat. One or two pairs are a must for a man’s wardrobe. Even if you do not like the strict classic style, Oxfords are indispensable for formal meetings.

Derby shoes

Open-laced shoes – the sides are sewn onto the front of the shoe. They are considered not as strict shoes as Oxfords, more universal.


Shoes with perforations or, in plain language, “shoes with holes”. A practical shoe for an informal style. Initially, the holes served an applied function – water flowed out of them during walks in the swamps. Today they are used as a decorative element. There are full brogues (the entire surface is perforated), semi-brogues (holes are located on the front of the shoe and separated by a seam), quarter brogues (perforation along the seam).

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Slip-on shoes

Monk shoes

Closed slip-on shoes. The difference that you unmistakably recognize as monks is one or two buckles at the front of the shoe.


Shoes resemble moccasins. They are produced in smooth leather and suede, with a small heel and a dense sole. There are models with tassels as a decorative element and without them. It is produced without decorative elements, with lacing or with a zipper.

Chukka shoes

High ankle model with two to three lace openings. Open laced.


A variation of the Chukka boots. The upper part is exclusively suede, the sole is rubber. Initially, they were worn by the military in Egypt, today deserts are practical shoes for summer and autumn.


High boots with a round toe. The sole is dense, there are rubber inserts on the sides of the shoe. They are produced on low heels in the style of minimalism – without decorative elements, lacing, buckles, most often from black or brown smooth leather.


Originally a sailor’s shoe for walking on the deck, today it is a universal summer shoe. The sole of the topsiders is slip-on, made of light rubber, the upper is soft, made of leather or textiles. The front side contains 2 holes per side for lacing. Fit for informal style. Like sandals, topsiders are worn without socks.


Soft, comfortable shoes with flat soles. Initially, it was worn by the Indians of North America, from whom fashion designers spied on a new type of practical footwear. Made of leather or suede, the sole is flexible.

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Summer cloth shoes with rope soles. Leisure wear, combined with shorts, light shirts and trousers.


Open summer shoes. Consists of a sole and straps or ropes that hold the foot. Shoes for the beach and leisure. Men wear sandals exclusively on bare feet.

Sport shoes – leisure, sports and casual wear

Converse sneakers

Initially, it performed purely sports functions. Today it is a popular model of casual shoes.


Like converse, they were originally created for sports. Modern sneakers are casual shoes that are a must in a wardrobe. Different models of sneakers differ significantly from each other, they are used for running, playing sports, as an addition to the informal style of clothing.

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