Ulmer Edge Broadhead by Trophy Taker

edge broadheadUlmer Edge broadhead by Trophy Taker is set rich in features that telescopic broadhead fans will admire.

The ulmer edge truly ensures field tip accuracy thanks to the extremely low flight profile. Upon influence, razor sharp rear deploying blades produce destructive full size entrance holes with maximum interconnection.

Patent pending blade design has both blades together at full cutting diameter while letting the blades to spin around heavy bone.

Other characteristics that spin around this head contain a bone splitting stainless steel tip, 1.5″ cutting diameter and a blade retention system that prevents accidental blade deployment in flight or in your quiver!

Product characteristics

  • Accurate field tip accuracy thanks to extremely low flight profile;
  • Razor sharp rear deploying blades create big entrance holes and maximum penetration;
  • State-of-the-art blade engagement lets the blades spin around heavy bone;
  • Recessed fixing tape in groove provides no wind resistance;
  • The blades add up, the back of the blades is sharpened;
  • Blades lock open then swivel together;
  • Bone splitting stainless steel tip;
  • Reliable blade retention system prevents accidental blade deployment in flight and in the quiver;
  • Practice mode allows the Ulmer Edge to be shot into standard broadhead targets without damaging blades or targets
    1.5 inch cutting diameter.
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