Born Rider Boots – With What to Wear?

Born Rider Bboots - With What to WearIf you want to diversify your casual wardrobe and add a touch of aristocracy to it, born rider boots will be fir well. They are comfortable, wearproof and look unusually stylish. What to wear them with?

Jockey style: features in the look

Such born riding boots are often confused with boots of military and country styles. However, jockeys have a number of distinctive details that are worth paying attention to:

  • Firstly, this is the bootleg. It should be delicately shaped, fit snugly around the leg and taper slightly downward. In this, boots differ from army ones, in which the bootleg is straight and free.
  • The second important point is the zipper. It is located at the back and does not contrast with the main color. Otherwise, you get the army version again.
  • The third fundamental difference is the shape of the heel: it should be wide and rounded at the heel. There are many models with other shapes, they can be any beautiful, but they cannot be called jockey.

Pay attention to the color of the heels, which should be the same as the boot. This is what makes the model different from similar ones in country style.

By the way, about the latter. If the toe of the shoe is chamfered and sharply defined, it means that these are not born rider boots, but a country-style model. The “correct” toe should be round and slightly elongated.

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There should be no additional decorative elements other than the straps. As for color, it ranges in standard neutral shades from black and gray to all browns.

What to combine born riding boots with?

So, the model corresponding to all parameters has been selected. It remains to pick up the rest of the wardrobe items to create a proper look.

Cold season

Born riding boots look great even with the warmest outerwear, for example, with a down jacket. But it shouldn’t be too long and puffy.

For milder climates, a midi winter coat (just below the knee) is suitable. The style of outerwear can be anything – both strict classical and relaxed sports. The most important thing is that there are no bright decorative elements.

Autumn season

In a slightly warmer season, you can afford to wear a skirt, and the warmer it is outside, the shorter and lighter it can be. Many people think that only long tight options look with such boots, but chiffon models and mini lengths are perfect for them.

There are strict requirements for trousers: they must be narrow so that they can be tucked into boots. To keep the look from getting too simple, we recommend refraining from jeans. The best option: tight knit leggings with a fly, a belt and a high rise. They may have non-patch pockets with contrasting color elements.

The color of the trousers is selected depending on the type of your body type. Girls with “pronounced” hips should wear something that does not contrast with the top (for example, light beige or milky with a white shirt or black with a dark silk blouse).

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Details to add to the look

The look will turn out incomplete if it is not completed with accessories. And here it is better not to go beyond the image of an English horsewoman and choose something appropriate:

  • First, it can be a wide leather belt to match the color of the boots. It must be visible, so it is worn when the top is tucked into the trousers.
    Secondly, it is a headdress: a hat or a cap. It is important to stay in a neutral color scheme.
  • And finally, the bag. Medium feminine options are not suitable here: either a miniature clutch, or a large unstructured model.

It is not difficult to create a stylish look with born riding boots if you follow the given recommendations. Despite the fact that there are many strict rules in the selection of looks for them, the result will not disappoint you!

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